From: David MacGregor []
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 5:38 PM
Subject: One for the rogues gallery

David MacGregor (that's me on the right, when I was about 20 years younger. And again below after the ravages of time.)

Born: Sydney Australia, 1952
Currently in de-facto relationship of 25 years. No children. 1 Cat

Work History
NCR Corporation 1973-1985

NCR Data Centre 1973-1979

Courses attended:

NCR Systems Engineering Division 1979-1985

Systems Software Engineer. Responsible for tracking, examining and resolving problems with NCR application and operating systems software.

In 1984 I joined the project team working at the Commonwealth Bank head office installing the operating systems and switching software for the first EFTPOS system in Australia. My particular responsibilities were for the configuration of the dual NCR mainframes' non-stop operating system and for the maintenance and configuration of the communications processor.

After NCR

Since 1986, after a long sabbatical and world trip, I was in business with my partner and her brother operating cafes in Sydney. I continued to work with PCs at home in connection with my own business and, as a sideline, I supplied and installed customised invoicing or special purpose databases for small business operators using Microsoft Access.

Initially supplying friends and acquaintances with low cost databases to help them run their businesses, satisfied customers and word of mouth increased my workload to a point where I was spending almost all of my free time at home cutting code and providing phone support and advice to clients and friends

In 1999 I registered the business name 'Rock Steady Software'.

In 2001, we sold the cafe we had been operating in North Sydney to concentrate on the Database and software support business