UpdateRemote.mdb (expert)

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This sample illustrates how to run an update to a Back End (BE) database remotely for performance reasons. Many times you don't want to run them from the Front End application because of the amount of network traffic.

This sample uses a "sniffer" program (UpdateRemote) to poll for the existence of a text file. When the text file appears, the sniffer launches a macro on the BE database (UpdateRemoteBE) which runs the update. Since all of this happens on the server, network traffic is not an issue.

When this form opens, it begins to check for the existence of the text file "shoeimport.txt". Pushing the Export Table to Text File will create this file. (In the real world, this file will most likely be created by another program, say a mainframe process.) After 1 minute of the file being created, it launches the macro "Macro1" in the BE database. This macro starts the update, deletes the text file and closes the BE database.

In order to run, this form "Main" must be open. It checks for the file every minute (60000 timer intervals). The code for this in the OnTimer event of this form and the interval is set in the TimerInterval property.




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