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This example shows one method of handling the situation where the user wants a combo box to pick from, but also wants to have an "Other" category where they can add free-text qualifying the "Other".

The Problem: They wanted a pick list to choose Assisted Delivery Indications and yet where they could also input "Other" information with the capablity to add free text information. Allowing them to add to the list is not acceptable.

The Solution: Add another field called "OtherAsstDelIndDescription" to hold the free text information. Add another text box on top of the combo which shows both fields concatenated. When "Other:" is chosen in the combo, another form: "frmOtherDescriptionInput" opens which allows you to enter the other additional information. Double-clicking the text box on top of the combo also launches the OtherDescriptionInput form. When something other than "Other" is chosen in the combo, the "OtherAsstDelIndDescription" field is set to null.

frmOtherDescriptionInput can be used with all combos where you want an "Other" choice, because the RecordSource for the form is send via the OpenArgs when the form is called.




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