Movelist2.mdb (intermediate)

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Access 97 (72 KB)

There are two separate functions illustrated here.

Form:MultiEmpList illustrates how to move values between multi-select listboxes much like many of the Access wizards. It basically moves values between two tables: "tblChoose" and "tblChosen", however, the same principle could be used to move values between arrays. Hold Shift or Ctrl to select multiple values.

Form: MultiListMultiUser does the same as Multi Emp List, but for multi-user considerations, it creates and uses tables in a database on the local hard drive in the same directory as the application exists in. Code for this is in basLinkTable module and is initiated on opening this Readme form. The temporary database is deleted when this form is closed.

Note: Most of the objects are duplicates. Those starting with "r" are for the MultiList/MultiUser form.





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