LinkTables.mdb (intermediate)

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Access 97 (55 KB)

This application does some things that aren't necessarily about programmatically linking tables. " It creates a database called 'LinkRemote.mdb', then it copies the table 'Detail' to LinkRemote.mdb, and then it links the table back as 'DetailRemote'.

The Exit button deletes the linked table and then deletes the LinkRemote.mdb file. Now the only reason I did this is so that I would have a ready made example to link from without having to send two tables.

It also has a GetPath function which returns just the path of the directory where the database resides. I use this for finding the directory where the database lives so I can put my LinkRemote.mdb there. There is also a GetFile function which just returns the file name of the current database, but this is not used here.




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