CreateQueries5.mdb (expert)

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This set of samples illustrate how to create a flexible query generator for your users. It is similar to CreateQueries4.mdb, but no longer limits the query to 3 criteria.

Because the information for the criteria is stored in a table, there are multi-user considerations. If you use the Singe-User edition in a multi-user environment, users will be over-writing each other's queries. Therefore the Multi-User Edition creates a temporary database on the user's C: drive to store the Where Criteria.

The Basic query generator shows just the basics of getting the unlimited Where Clause to work.

The Advanced query generator allows you to choose a table or a query for the FROM clause, allows you to select which fields to show in the Field List, and allows parentheses in the Where clause.

To use: Each form is self-contained with all the code needed. Just copy the form you want and the two tables: CriteriaTable and TableFields into your application.




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