CreateQueries2.mdb (intermediate)

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This database illustrates several examples of programmatically creating queries.

Form 2: Creates a simple Select query called "qryMyQuery" based on the table GLTable. It uses two criteria and allows you to choose the logical operators "AND" or "OR".

Form2a: Does the same as Form2, but has three criteria.

Form3: Allows you to choose the comparison operators (=, >, Like, etc), the values from combo boxes, and the Logical operator between two criteria.

Form 4: A more flexible version of Form3 with three criteria. Criterias 2 and 3 only become active if a logical operator is chosen. A more complete version of this is in the file CreateQueries4.mdb.

Form 5: Changes the criteria for a report.

Form 6: Uses a multi-select list box




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