AuditTrail2.mdb (expert)

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This sample is a more complete version of AuditTrail.mdb. The main problem with the previous AuditTrail.mdb is that if the user cancels a record after making some changes, it still records the actions. To work around this, AuditTrail2.mdb writes the values to a temporary table and only when the record is committed, is it written to the Audit table. An additional feature of this version, is the use of a separate database for holding the AuditTable and it also uses a temporary database for the temporary table. This is to reduce database bloat. AuditTable.mdb (the file that holds the AuditTable) is re-linked each time the application is opened, and AuditTemp.mdb is recreated each time the application is opened. The main problem with this application is that if multiple records are deleted in the subform, only one of them will be recorded. I see no way around this. My conclusion is that the only way to insure absolutely accurate audit trails is to use unbound forms.




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