AreaCodes.mdb (expert)

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Access 97 (599 KB)

This application is a utility to programmatically modify Area Codes. It illustrates a number of techniques. It reads files from a directory. It parses CSV files. It reads tables in the database and fields within the tables. It steps through a list (CSV) and creates and executes an Update query for Area Codes with matching exchanges.

The application utilizes CSV files to update tables within the database. These files must be in the same directory as the application. The CSVs must be in a specific format. See the included CSVs.

In order to be utilized, the following objects must be imported into the target application:

frmModifyAreaCodes - form
ftblExchangeList - table
ftblFileList - table
ftblTableFields - table

and of course there must be some data tables that have phone numbers to be modified. This utility requires that the phone numbers have the parenthases stored with the phone number.




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