Access-L Rogue’s Gallery

These are some of the inmates of Access-L.






Tom Beck

I'm an independent "for hire" software developer. I've been using Access since version 2.0 and, surprisingly, still get requests for 2.0 work. Currently working in Access XP and trying to get more work in web development. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

This is a picture of me and my daughter, Rachel, at Mount Rainier last Summer.



Roger Carlson Vincent Price? Or Wolfman Jack?

Owner of Roger's Access Library, List member since February 1998, Access-L Moderator, Fees Committee Member, and Access-L Poet Laureate.

Al Chang circa 1993
One of our Chinese founding fathers, no doubt. -rc

Al Chang is a freak of nature. 'Nuf said. He is the entire IT department at a mid sized oil company in Walla Walla East of Portland. (Look up Walla Walla, WA and come for the wine.) He loves to code, but finds that having to wear so many hats means that one cannot keep some of them from getting a bit crushed out of shape.



Henk Elzinga

After reading Access-L for some years (Outlook public folder at work) I subscribed on 4 Feb 2000 (to search the archives). After reading Access-L for some more years, I posted my first message on 24 Jan 2003. After some more years... I'm just getting old.

I'm an Access user since version 95. Before that, I used Delphi, and Paradox For DOS from version 2.0 up to version 4.5. Before that, I used NOS, NOS/VE, Cobol, Basic, Pascal, and ALGOL.
Before that, I learned ECOL at school (Simplified version of ALGOL in a Dutch translation) in 1977. I was younger, then...

I'm living in Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands.



Bob Goethe

Lead programmer for MammoBase, an Access 2000 database used in hospitals and clinics that do mammography and breast ultrasound.

The second photo is Bob (standing) together with his business partner, mere moments before the partner took early retirement.



David Hare-Scott

I am a freelance Access developer who has been a member of ACCESS-L since March 1996 and now a list moderator. I live in Manly which is "Seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care". I don't own a list or a web page but I do have a red kelpie who is nearly smart enough to understand Boyce-Codd Normal Form.

Joe Hecht

From my Mississippi River Cruise after the rain.

Duane Hookom Jackson Hookom born Oct. 28. 11 lbs and 22.75"

Programmer/Database Designer for Nestle in Eau Claire, WI. Microsoft Access MVP;en-us;MVPINTRO&style=flat

Lauren Horn
Yes, she's a him

Access-L subscriber and recovering consultant since early 2002. I have been poking at Access and then running away since version 2.0. I intend to learn 6502 assembly language Real Soon Now, and have since '77. Currently, I am a programmer for the State of Alaska, in the Section of Epidemiology, Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Social Services.

My wife, daughter, and I all hike, ski cross country, and mountain bike. I keep a French Horn in my closet, and if some day I should need to wreak vengance upon the world, I might take it up again.



Darryl Johnson

Access-L "Elder Statesman" and List Moderator. He can't remember exactly when he first started using Access (early in version 2.0) or when he joined the List (shortly thereafter).

"Just say that I'm old, cranky and prone to 'senior moments' ".



John Kennedy

I am a Crown Prosecutor in Edmonton, Alberta. I keep on trying to use my computer to make my job simpler, but so far have failed miserably. I suspect I hold the record for asking the most "dumb questions" so far but am always grateful for the answers.

In my spare time I work on restoring an old wooden sailing dinghy, sing in a local choir and help my wife raise our three children.

Jenni Komarovsky

Access Wizzard, Access L member since September 2001, self-appointed Spelling Police for Access L. Lives in Nelson, New Zealand. Frequently hassled by office mates for her intense dislike of air conditioning temperature set too low.



Jay Langford
The good looking one is Katie
Common Name: Jay Langford
Scientific Name: list-arus lurkerus
Common Habitat/s: Visual Basic Editor, Local Pub, Access-L
The Jay Langford is an elusive creature, who only seems to appear occasionally to give his opinion or view. He has also been known to be spout really bad poetry.

Started Access in '98
Has a Weird Humor



David MacGregor

That's me on the left, when I was about 20 years younger. And again to the right after the ravages of time.
Born: Sydney Australia, 1952
Currently in de-facto relationship of 25 years. No children. 1 Cat

Kris Maly and family

Started out life as a Mainframe programmer back in NJ. Came out west, made it to a mile high. Turned to PCs (from the dark side of the force.) Started programming in Access 2.0 in 1997. Have been a member of the Access-L list on and off since 1999. Currently going for my MCAD ( Windows-based.)

Emilia Maxim

This is Emilia, after turning off the computer and forgetting the latest Access bug.

Back in the dark ages a physicist, after changing the place to live from East to West Europe had to change the profession too. Became a software developer, started with BASIC and IBM XT (yes, I even learned COBOL and PL/1!), gone through C and couple of exotic DB systems, and landed at last as a freelance Access developer - the main ingredient in a mixed PC-salad, called PC consulting and programming.

David McAfee
Dave submitted two pictures, but I chose this one. Marie kinda takes the sting out. -rc

Official Access-L leg breaker (Dang! should have taken a picture with some mannequin legs all around me!) I used to toy with computers back in the Apple II, II+, IIe days. I have been messing with access since A95 (ewww). Currently playing with A2K ADPs & SQL 2K

Nancy McLaughlin
Just as I always pictured -rc

Ur-Directorless, Rule Maker & Mathematicianless of Access-L Fees (I can't remember all my titles, so those will have to do for now!). List member since 1996. This picture was taken at the last Fee Committee Roundup at Cancun.

Collette K. McNeill

I've been Accessing this list, contributing occasional cries for help, answers of my own and poetry where possible, since 2/99. My most significant work in Access integrates & manipulates data from ACT! databases. While my firm, McNeill/Lynner WebWorks ( focuses on marketing efforts both online and off, I've done IT work on the side since 9/96. My favorite things include open space, open source software, free speech, personal liberty, and shade-grown, fair-trade, fresh-ground organic coffee.

Gary Miller

Access-L moderator and list member since 1996. Independent computer consultant in Sisters, OR. Web & Access programmer since version 2.0. Here I am performing some much needed stress relief.

Beth Moffitt Beth's granddaughter Zoe

She bought the family’s first computer in Aug of 95 ‘for the kids’ but mom was the one using it all of the time. Gained employment with a records management software company in March of ’97. Also maintained the website for the local chapter (Houston) of ARMA International. Received a chapter Excellence Award in 98 and in 2000 received an international award for site content and functionality.

Originally joined Access-L in January of 99 when job duties turned more towards development. Has used Access since 2.0 and has had the opportunity to work with the latest technology at a total ‘M$ shop’.

Also an Access-L Poet Wannabe.



Reinier Olislagers
Reinier is the one with the glasses. I don't know who the good looking one is. -rc
Bio to follow - hint hint



Jim Pawson

Started working in IT in 1969.
First programs (at university) were in Algol and ran on a 32K KDF9. (Which had just been installed and one of the biggest and most powerful machines at the time in any UK university.)
Access-L subscriber since 1997 - when I was using Access 2.
Access-L moderator since moderators were introduced.
When I manage to escape my PC (and my garden!) for a few days I like to walk in the hills.

Stephen Pickering

This photo shows that I know how to make technology work for me! I have been a list member since, oh, sometime in 2000, I think. Occasional Poet Low-Rate contributor, much to the chagrin of the rest of the list. People often think I am Millard Fillmore's Vice-President. Bonus points awarded to anyone who can spot me in the movie, "The Untouchables".

Mark Proulx

Senior Performance & Outcomes Analyst for a small HMO in Western Massachusetts and some time "lurker" in the background of the Access-L list. I've asked a question or two and gotten some interesting info and tidbits from the archives and regular postings, but mostly I enjoy some of the poetry and OT banter. I've been using Access since 1998 when I was basically forced to or not be able to do my job.

Outside of Access & work I enjoy candlepin bowling, bicycling, singing in the church choir and playing keyboard (just can't get away from them) in my church's contemporary Christian band when I'm not home with my wife and two girls.



Steve Ringle
I gotta get up to Maine! There must be something in the water. -rc

Registrar, University of Maine Museum of Art. Database administrator & wannabe programmer since 1982; Access-L participant since about 1998.



Dave Selby
Come to think of it, forget Maine. I'm going to Florida. -rc

Started as a COBOL main-framer in '85. I've been using Access since 2.0 to hook into large databases, automating the drudgery of our glamorous positions. DBA wanna-be, currently the Sr. Systems Admin at a bank in St. Pete FL. Seen here during one of those rare weekend moments when I'm on dry land taking a break from jumping waves in the Gulf, still looking for the next one.



Francisco Tapia
The good looking one is Michelle

I've been working with Access since version 2.0 around 1991, back in the dark days of 286 and 386 processors ;o) and only 4 megs or RAM!



Jerry Whittle

Oracle and Access DBA, List member since November 1994, Namer of 'Duancy', Retired USAF. Member of the Old Guys Who Get Fat in Winter bicycle racing team.

Stephen Wolfe

Data Services Manager for the 6th Medical group located at MacDill AFB, FL Senior DBM proficiency in MSSQL, Oracle 71 and 8i and VFP Just learning Access 2000 - users seem to like Access better than VFP ... Primary client development platform VFP and ASP/VFP Been involved in the computing world since 1973 starting with FOCAL-8 on a PdP-8i, did a lot COBOL VS on 370/145 under DOS/VSE using VSAM (a more capable ISAM) and command level CIC/VS.

Jack Wolfgang
he promises a new picture soon -- sure

Jack Wolfgang is a chemist turned full-time data nerd working for a small software firm in Tallahassee, Florida as a developer. He started working in Access in 2000 (however, it was Access 97), and has programmed Access 97, Access 2000, Visual Basic 6, and VB.NET 2003. Jack was married (in a strict one-to-one relationship as Jerry Whittle put it) to his beautiful wife in 2002.


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