In Memoriam:
Nancy McLaughlin
(October 15, 2008)

Nancy McLaughlin was a long time member and co-owner of Access-L. In many ways, she was the heart and soul of the List.

She cared a great deal for Access-L and all of its members. With her warmth and sometimes wacky sense of humor she guided the List like a mother hen.

She will be greatly missed.

Nancy was my very oldest friend here on Access-L, and indeed the very first "internet friend"
I ever had. I've never met her face-to-face although I was within a few hours of her several times.
I deeply regret that I never took the time.

Nancy was fun, vivacious, a little wacky, and she loved Access-L. That love was in part why Nathan
(the list owner) made her a moderator and co-owner. In recent years, she's been less active because of
very painful back problems. But through it all, she kept her sense of humor -- odd as it may have been.

Nancy also loved Poetry Friday, which we used to play around with quite a bit. She especially loved
limericks, so this one's for her.

      For Nancy (Ur-Directorless of Access-L):

      There once was a Lister named Nancy
      Whose answers weren't frilly or fancy,
      But she loved Access-L
      And she modded us well.
      What I'll miss most of all is her buoyancy.

--Roger Carlson

Truly very sad news. I had great respect for Nancy, her posts were always cheerful and helpful and
knowledgeable. Her personality came though even in this dull medium of email that most of us
'communicate' with these days.

My wife is still dealing with the death of her mother in recent weeks, and I can imaging the trauma that
Nancy's family are experiencing now. My heartfelt condolences go out to them.

--Lambert Heenan

It is hard to believe that Nancy is no longer to join us again. I do not
know her in person. But I remember that she has sense of humor. She
loves Access-L and willing to help. She will be missed.

--Dorothy Robitaille

There has never been a more enthusiastic and lovable person in the world than our dear Nancy. We had a
wonderful family on Access-L all those years ago and Nancy was always there as someone the board could rely
on. Off the board, Nancy and I swapped may emails over the years, mainly about her darling grandson Q or her
every growing garden with its wonderful and varied produce.

I loved Nancy’s love for life and the way she interacted with newbies on the board. If I recall correctly, she
was a big believer is assisting developers with various disabilities (eyesight / hearing, etc) and was always
on hand to work off-line to generate 1-2-1 tailored solutions. She certainly was one-in-ten-billion!

I will certainly miss the regular contact with dear Nancy and will hope to see her on the other side. Take care
and love you loads.

--Best Regards,
--Graeme Wilson

Nancy was one of my very best internet friends, and among the most wonderful persons I knew, albeit we
never met personally. We had a loose correspondence, and her mails were always like a big warm hug, and a
refreshing breeze of life and humour. I loved her mails, I loved her nature, her warmth, her humour, her
optimism, and I'll really miss her.

Nancy-girl, my very best TWIG-sister, the good spirit of the list, I hope your soul will rest in the most
beautiful apple garden, with lots of garlic if you want! The big grey elephant may be with you to give you
peace forever!

--Emilia Maxim

Nancy and myself did a lot of work about 10 years ago on a program that she was working on for a physio
friend of hers. We were regularly passing zipped code back and forth between ourselves and I was honoured
that she gave me her trust with this program which was important to her and which she had hoped to market.
I never did find out whether she finally got the progam finished but it was fun working with her for part of
the time.

I am very, very sorry to hear of her demise. As many of you will know only too well, Nancy was a real trooper
on the Access-L list and the regulars during my time on that list were always trying to get other members to
send donations to her if they inadvertently tripped up using the system. It was quite a hoot at the time and
Nancy loved it. I think we were always trying to vote her as President of something or other.

I am extremely sad to hear this news. My thoughts go out to her family. I recall she used to refer to her
husband affectionately as Mr P. and she had a grandson called Quentin, who no doubt is all grown up now. I
even have photographs of them around somewhere...but it is a long time ago. I think she said her daughter
lives in Vegas. Anyway, as I say, my thoughts are with you all at this sad time. She will be remembered most

--Max Sherman

Nancy's departure comes as terrible news, totally unexpected. She was facing her health problems in a brave
manner and all the time I had been looking forward to her complete recovery and resumption of her popular role
as an inspiring live-wire for Access-L. She had been so happy on recent arrival of her grandson.

Apparently, the occurrence that took her away, was not related to her known health problems, rather a bolt from
the blue.

Though I did not get the opportunity to meet her, the news has struck me just like losing someone from the
family. Kindly convey my heartfelt sense of loss and grief to her daughter.

She will be deeply missed by us all.

--A.D. Tejpal

As you all know, I'm fairly new to this list, but as some of you also know, I've been around Access for a
while. I met Nancy and had a few private exchanges with her a few months ago. What a pleasant person to know.
I am truly saddened by her passing. She was a lovely person. My condolences to her family. This world has lost
one of its best.

Roger, I'd really appreciate you passing my comments to her daughter. In times like this it is comforting to
know that others share your pain.

--Arvin Meyer

So sorry to hear the sad news about Nancy. Like so many other list members, I only knew Nancy through our
list, but in all of our Access-L and personal emails, she was more than a mere email address. She was always
extremely friendly and had a love of life that was unmatched by any of my other friends... both online and
personal. She will surely be missed by us all.

May God be with her family and friends in this time of grief. Time will eventually heal the grief, but can
never fill the void left behind.

--Dave Mason

Nancy has certainly been one of my most precious on-line, long-time friends. We exchanged private emails
quite a lot and shared much of our lives especially about our grandsons. Her grandson, Quinton (Q) is certainly
in my thoughts since he and his nana were very close.

--Duane Hookom

Along with Roger and others, Nancy became one of my first Access-L friends when I started working
professionally with Access back in the 1990s. She also had a good answer, a working pointer in the right
direction, and a gentle slap against my head.

Lately, I have not been working with Access very much but keep current with the list. Nancy and I had
communicated several times recently regarding our new grandchildren. She adored hers. I can picture Nancy
in her kitchen canning the fresh fruit from her orchard and preparing vegetables from her garden.

I am still grieving over the loss of my closest colleague who was killed by her boyfriend, also a co-worker,
about two weeks ago. It is difficult to accept the loss of such valuable professional and personal friends.

--Lee Henry Slorp

I am saddened to hear of her passing. She was also one of my very first online friends. We often emailed
each other OTL with not only code samples, but also about wines, recipes, veggies and gardening tips. I was
actually lucky enough to get sent on a trip up to Oregon once, and she & Mr P invited me over for dinner.
She gave me a tour through her fabulous garden and even sent me away with some bottles of plum wine. :)
She was one of the few people that understood my strange humor. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

--David McAfee


You made a complex world seem oh so simple at times and when it couldn't be simple, you showed us all how to
deal with our Access issues with clarity and precision. You made each you responded to feel respected and we
came away with a better understanding of what and why we needed to do things a certain way.

May you continue to smile upon us and your generous contribution to other's health be remembered.

Best regards,

Kay Fraone

I was devastated to hear this news. Nancy became a wonderful virtual friend over the years and her heart
certainly had a lot to do with the 'soul' of this list, especially in the earlier years. I am truly sorry to
have lost her.

--Gary Miller

I am so sorry to hear about Nancy. Her generosity to help and lighthearted humor were always an inspiration
to me. I know how she loved gardening and her family. She helped me considerablyy on-list as well as off-list.
Her patience in explaining things to a newbie were amazing. She would let the humor of impatience show through. :)

I have a couple of her personal databases she kindly shared with me off-list (I loved her gardening database -
modified it some but kept most of her original form).

She will be sorely missed. My condolences to her family.

May Nancy and her elephant have peace.

She and her family will be kept in my thoughts.

--Lorin Graham

Nancy was one of the first to respond with welcome to my first attempt at answering a question in Access-L.
She also gave encouragement to my feeble attempts at Friday poetry. I will miss her contributions and and
successful efforts to keep this list relevant and respectful. Truely a great loss.

--Bob Davis

I am so sad to hear that Nancy has passed on. It has been an honor and a blessing to be touched by her charm,
her wit and creativity and her counsel. The poetry we shared and the encouragement she gave were things I looked
forward to. If you would permit my musings, I offer this humble verse:
     The brightest stars are not the ones
     That light the sky at night
     They don't show off their radiance
     By rash displays of light

     The ones that count support the world
     With roots grown deep and strong
     Their grace and beauty, love and strength
     Seem never with us long

     And so we miss her in our hearts
     And grieve our loss this day
     But she's still there, supporting us
     And smiling as we pray

May Gods Peace comfort all those who knew Nancy and let us carry on in her memory, that her vision of a
community of authentic people willing to serve each other toward the betterment of all lives on.

All the best

--Dr. E (Ellis)
--Ex moderator and ex poet laureate circa 20th century

Nancy, I will miss you - your wit, your compassion and your genuine helpfulness! Farewell from thousands of
us whom you have touched.

--Shauna Haines

I'm very sad to hear this. She will be missed by many. I've enjoyed conversing with Nancy from time to
time over the last 10+ years. In a forum full of serious discussion, Nancy always made the morning digest fun
to read.

Goodbye Nancy.

--Mike Dorthick

When I read your subject, I was hoping you meant she had decided to retire from the list. That would have
been a great loss to us, but at least Nancy and her helpfulness would have still been available to others.

I think Nancy was the first one to ever answer me off-list with additional help; that was several years ago.
I was very impressed and very grateful. Her loss to the list is overwhelming, particularly coming with no warning.

Her loss to her family, of course, is incalculable.

Please pass on my appreciation to her family.

--Thomas F. Ewald

Nancy has helped me many times both publically on this list and through personal e-mailing off-list when

My deepest sympathies to her family and Godspeed to Nancy. I am sure the List-serve in heaven is better today
than yesterday.

--Mike Buraczewski

Wow...I don't know what to say. When I looked at my inbox and saw the subject title, my heart dropped to the
floor. Nancy...I've never seen her or even heard her voice, But, I thought of her as a fellow colleague in
this land of Access *laughing*. But, it hit me really hard in my heart because I have a best friend whose
the same age as me who several years ago had several strokes within days of the last ones. He is alive,
but he will never be the same.

I truly enjoyed Poetry Fridays. I ahd been tempted to offer up a diddy, but I had too much fun reading others.

I truly hope that Nancy is in a better place and is in no more pain :-)

--Ray Jefferson

Rest in piece, Nancy. Thank you for all you have done for Access-l, and for MS Access worldwide community.

My sincere sympathies to your relatives.
Nancy McLaughlin is one of the persons, who will always be kept in my memory related to my MS Access experiences,
and the best advises I have ever had on how to keep going participating constructively in worldwide
newsgroups'/communities' discussions...

Thank you, Nancy.

--Shamil Salakhetdinov

Nancy helped me when I first "met" her in the Access list. I guess there aren't many people she *didn't* help.
I'm so sorry to hear that she's gone. I, too, have said a prayer for her family. May she rest in peace.

--Mary Davis

Words failed me as I pondered this very sad news. I am so sorry! We have lost one of the shining stars
of this life--a person who brought humor, insight, wisdom and encouragement to many. I'm sure many of us
considered her a friend.

Having never actually met Nancy, I felt like I knew her, for she and I occasionally traded information off
the list, usually evaluating some special technique for accomplishing some Access task. But there were
occasions when she wanted me to know about the jams and jellies she had canned, inviting me to stop by, visit,
and try some. Much to my loss, I never got that opportunity. Or she might extol the virtues of a grandchild.
She was kind enough to occasionally evaluate some new idea I had and give me her valuable thoughts on it.

With few exceptions, I have saved every Access-L message (in digest form) since I joined the list in late
1997. My first record of an Access-L email from Nancy was December 30, 1997, where she was asking for
assistance with a medical record application. Little did I know then that "Home at Last" (as she often
expressed about her home in Oregon) would brighten the lives of a few thousand of us whose intentions were
originally technical.

Nancy, we'll miss you.

--Earl Brightup

My thoughts to Nancy's friends and family. She was a wonderful person. I hope the family are going to keep
looking after the Apples, Garlic and wiild bees.

rest in peace Nancy.

--Darryl Collins

Like so many people have stated I never meet Nancy in person, and isn’t it amazing how many people she
touched and affected in what can be such a cold medium?

It also seems to me that she was one of the people who helped make this list unique. So many lists can be cold
and barren but Nancy helped this list blossom into quite the garden and helped others blossom and grow.

I know that I will miss her presence.

-Doug Bohnenblust

So sad to hear of Nancy's passing. As many have stated, I never met her personally or heard her voice, but
her personality, good nature and helpfulness were always a godsend. She will truly be missed.

Mark Proulx

I too am saddened by Nancy's passing. Although I have never met her, she has often answered my questions,
and if I think of Access-L then I think of Nancy as one of the major contributors. My condolences go out to
her family and friends.


Thank you Nancy for showing me that Access is fun, that it is not a disaster to make a mistake and that
helping others gives great pleasure. And somehow you showed that this applies to all aspects in life. I believe
your life wisdom will live forever in us and especially in your families’ hearts.

-- Annika Eriksson

How sad. I wonder that this will sound really weird, but Nancy lives on in my apps; I have bits of her
code all through my Access databases. I will always think of her when I am prompted to add a new element to
the record source behind a combo box. For all her help and contributions to the list I am deeply thankful.
I too will miss her.

-- Stephen B. Ringle

When there was some fun or mischief going on in Access-L, Nancy was never far from the center of it. I still
remember when she and Duane were accused of being the same person and melded into Duancy. Then there
was the infamous "Red X in PP" post.

I knew that Nancy has health issues, but I never considered that someone so full of life could be gone so quickly.

--Jerry Whittle